Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Big Hero 6, Trolls, and Sweet Babies!

Well, the year is flying by!  Spring is soooo close now and I can't wait to be back outside.  The weather in March is up and down, but I love it!  I am a March baby after all.  You start to get those warm days here and there and .... sometimes snow.    But those warm days feel amazing!

Here are some cookies I finished up in February.  My kids really liked this bunch.  They're kind o' obsessed with Trolls right now!  While I have oodles of shamrocks to work on in the coming week, I'll be starting my Easter designs mid month.  I'm hoping to prep some video tutorials for the Easter cookies and if things go smoothly, I might actually get them up before Easter!

Big Hero 6 cookies:  Hero and Baymax are painted with food coloring with piped outlines.
Trolls Cookies:  Hand cut shapes.  I prefer to use a pastry wheel as opposed to a knife for smooth edges on my hand cut cookies.  These cuties are royal icing with hand painted details here and there.
Baby Shower Cookies:  Little smiling sleepy snugly babies.  For the babies in blankies I used a number 8 cookie cutter (the type without the cutout holes).

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Finally finished packing up the last of the Valentine cookies (yes, a day late.)  My kids have several parties taking place at the end of the week.  So much pink!  Time to get these out of the way and make room for all the fun stuff coming up including: Trolls, Big Hero 6, and Tie Dye - So. Much. Fun.
If you're looking to get some cookies done quickly, here's a few speedy tips: 
  • Stick to 1 or 2 layers.  You can get these done in 1 day by avoiding long periods of dry time.  To add some fun to the design include some wet on wet icing patterns.  Same dry time, but a more detailed design.
  • Limit your icing colors.  It can get overwhelming quickly when you use too many.  Choose 3 - 4 colors to work with.  
  • Skip the fancy borders.  Especially if these are heading off to the youngsters' class. 
  • Use an edible marker.  When it comes to the details you can skip the piping bag and grab an edible marker.  Same adorable little details - much quicker and easier on the hands.


Ok, so this isn't really for Valentine's Day, but it did have a pink blanket.....
I made my very first cat cake!  More specifically a sleepy kitten in a basket cake.    Everything was edible (this little kitten is fondant) except the little guys whiskers.  The basket itself is actually piped buttercream that I gently painted with food coloring.  Hope you like him...or her.  This little kitty doesn't have a name.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

So....what have you been up to?

October, November, December all end up being crazy months for me.  Once January rolls around I finally get to breathe. Here's a peek at what I've been doing the past few months.  It's so insanely busy (this is on top of holiday orders), that I don't always have time to photograph the treats.  Please don't take it personally if your items don't show up on the blog, feel free to snap a pics at your event and share on my facebook page! 

I made another set of Frozen cookies.  Yes -another set.  And I hear they're coming out with a new movie so...I guess I'll just be making Frozen cookies forever and ever and ever....
I made some more Princess cookies too!  Then I took some blurry photos hahahaha.  Oh, but the dresses cam out great!  Too bad I didn't line them up for you.  A few are buried behind other cookies, but I made one for each Princess - see if you can spot them!
...and then I made an extra Ariel cookie because, well - she's my favorite!
I made some Finding Dory cookies,
and some Skateboard Cookies,
I made some really fun Powerball ticket cookies with custom wording and numbers using my editing software and edible paper.
I made what felt like a million Geek Squad badges.
I rushed a snowman cake for my son who turned 6.  ....and then...we KILLED him! (the snowman, not my son.)
I made a lot of buttercream flowers,
and one last cake for 2016.
Finally finished the year with some Zombies.
I can't wait to see what we're making in 2017!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your families!  Wishing you and yours a wonderful NEW YEAR!

Yes.  These cookies are from 2016 hahahaha.  I made another batch this year, but I was exhausted finishing the last orders of the year and decided not to take photos.  I used that extra time to give extra snuggles and hugs to my little ones on New Years Eve.

My little ones.  Photo courtesy of SH Portraits.